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Дата публікації: 08 Листопада 2012 о 10:34 | Категорія: «Стихи на ин. языках» | Перегляди: 1133 | Коментарів: 1
Автор_ка: Stanislav Volo (Всі публікації)

Civilization is flashing directly in your eyes.
Through ears it drills the highway cries,
Through nuzzles of your nose,
It shoots the toxic fume!
Local funerals, local news;
Local criminals, local schools;
Seven days a week,
Twenty four hours a day
Brain cells decompose,
In your social terrain...
Bliss of mindless body...
Ignorance - dissolving seeds of Morning Glory;
All questions unresolved-
Keep drawing to conclusions;
Your fake intelligence,
Cosmetics of chronic masks,
Drowning delusions-
Now you are swimming in the puddle of soap bubbles;
Recreating in the bubble of rotten gutters;
Sinking, fainting, and dissolving
To the point of mental breakdowns;
Melted to the bottom of beeswax shakedown...
Tide to the pole,
Barking on your own;
Frozen for no chosen reason;
Crystal eyes
From photo which was made to improvise your past,
Those broken, dead trees-
Old useless logs
Surrounded by the fogs of sand, 
When blows the wind across the beach, 
It finds the river's stitch
Then throws the bridge
From stitch to stitch,
Across the river,
On the beach,
Where you will see,
It's not the broken tree;
It's not the fogs of sand,
But freedom of your Motherland;
So, fly your mind above the Highway lights,
And traffic signs,
Fly above all. You know?
Where would you go...?
Door check, back on the deck;
Rat in the lab. Emptiness - God;
In echoed illness, bound around the lot;
Around, around
The leash will slide on steel "no parking" pole,
Tide to my neck, the leash will glide around the world,
No mercy for your soul-
Where would you go?
Who knows where?
I'm going nowhere;
I am standing here... and sleeping;
It's your work, sit tight, be professional,
Boss has his spy on your left side.
Start your fribbling ride,
Straight lines,
Straight eyes,
Tightened first, the strike above the wrist-
In distressing pain, in veins that constrained to poison...
To the Nature of Things you must say:
Hands away!
Hands away, from my way!
In one hour you are dead on the ground.
In two hours it's full of flowers.
In three hours you are the seeker of light.
You are the seeker of light...
The shoulder driving out the door, 
Life is payroll.
Man in the rain -
Ant in the swiftly moving chain,
In your eyes,
Concealed the poison stain;
On your face constructed the pale complexion;
Your neck is wrecked,
Cracked, from the pressure yak,
Your flesh is bleaching,
And around the stitches it collapses;
Blasted with a drop of nicotine,
Memorizing your bizarre routine-
Talking on the phone:
"I'm coming, I'm coming"
Looking outside:
"I'm running, I'm running..."
Now, I'm lost,
The silver frost is growing on my Cross...
This time, I'm on my own.
Without a ticket,
Without a dream,
Just sitting here in writing skim...
Where am I going?
Somewhere...Who knows where?
I'm going nowhere, I am sitting here...
"A, B, C" Closing doors,
Browsing the high ways of flat door rails.
You must seat to the right.
Throw the dart of sparking eyes
On those rolling bodies,
Lean back and realize-
That this weather shows us no surprise - 
Rain is falling, falling on our heads
Rolling, rolling up your sleeves,
Leafs are falling on their knees,
Rolling, dropping down the drops
And my faces will roll
My hair will fall.
I will sit down on a chair;
Throw my eye on the floor lair
Roll it to the space between the doors
And more hair will fall, on the floor.
Stand behind the yellow line,
Yellow line;
Look around!
You look around!
Step left, step right, leap forward.
You're gliding on the vertical slope-
Down the cliff it goes.
Look around.
We look around, all.
Where would you go?
You're not Existing.
You listen to the sounds browsing your soul.
This drilling noise gives you no choice,
But to think -
"You're nothing."
The trains approaching yellow dock
People are calm.
Inhale, toxic smock;
They're moving out in busy,
Rowdy speed
They leap on escalators,
Raising rowdiness;
"I'm here!
I've got to get out of Here!
I'm here!
I've got to get out of Here!
I've got to get out of Here!" 
The mind is going off the rails.
You see skytrain stations passing,
You wake up.
You see pages passing,
You wake up.
Don't look back on the calendar-
Too late to realize...
You're half a second of the way from hitting ice.
Alarm clock, exploded in your head-
You wake up!
And you wake up again,
And keep on falling down
The skytrain lane,
Down the waterfall;
Down the corridor;
Red light,
You watch your step,
Traffic lights!
Speed limits, speed bumps.
Does fate exist?
Be careful!
You watch your step, again
You realize, you're nothing...
In between the future and the past,
Nothing's going to last.
Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense!
Nonsense- usual attraction.
Where am I going?
Somewhere... Who knows where?
I'm going nowhere;
I am sitting here...Back in the Loop.
Your life is in the loop
And every day the moments
Loop and loop
Around your weaknesses,
your fears, and appetite.
You loop in ignorance of looping.
Be careful!
You're stepping from your way,
You must look away,
It's a rule...
I want an island,
Where we could climb the trees and count the leaves
Where we could run around and shouting loud
I'll dive my hands into the silky island sands.
I love you island!
Are you here?
Again, I'm looking for the ocean - stare.
The sun is gone.
You'll shine all alone
Whole your life,
You'll shine all alone.

Without passion, we are blind.
With passion, never satisfied;
How desperate, how passionate,
How blind, you love,
If life is never long enough;

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