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taking chances

Дата публікації: 07 Березня 2010 о 12:00 | Категорія: «Стихи на ин. языках» | Перегляди: 1028 | Коментарів: 0
Автор_ка: Liya Chernyakova (Всі публікації)

Take me for granted,

serious, into your bed,

or just stay for life,

taking chances to make me mad,

in the chaos that

will not ever let

us alone

thanks, my friend,

for your time and effort

timid look and laugh

for your tiny lies

in between of the leave and love.

in the middle of nowhere near

the broken glass

lends your stone,

waking perfect storm

to take over

the gloom and glow

and unleash the sudden clown

in lightning claws

for his tear-mark flower

petals will rake applauds,

dropped by thunder,

while the dog of the dark

chases out the cloud cat

And the wine turns to flood

And the soil of mud turns red

And we look through hour-selves

So glad, like we never met,

washed in sun-dust.

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