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/ Госпожа Бовари и Гумберт Гумберт обзавелись фотороботами. - 18 February 2012

Госпожа Бовари и Гумберт Гумберт обзавелись фотороботами.

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Дата: 18 February 2012 (Saturday)
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Художник сгенерировал «портреты» известных литературных персонажей с помощью программы, которую полиция использует для создания фотороботов.

Брайан Джозеф Дэвис (Brian Joseph Davis) запустил на сервисе Tumblr блог The Composites, где выкладывает изображения, которые выдает программа создания фотороботов по описаниям литературных героев.  

Среди них — Дейзи Бьюкенен («Великий Гэтсби» Френсиса Скотта Фицджеральда), Эмма Бовари («Госпожа Бовари» Гюстава Флобера), Эдвард Рочестер («Джейн Эйр», Шарлотты Бронте), Гумберт Гумберт («Лолита» Владимира Набокова), Тэсс («Тэсс из рода д’Эрбервиллей» Томаса Харди), Аомамэ («1Q84» Харуки Мураками).

По словам создателя проекта, он вдохновлялся рассказом американского писателя Джеймса Эллроя (James Ellroy), автора множества детективов. Эллрой писал о создании завершенных портретов по отдельным чертам, напечатанным на карточках, которые выбирали свидетели преступления.

Дэвис говорит о своем проекте: «Даже не верится, что никто не сделал этого раньше».

Брайан Дэвис – сооснователь литературного ресурса Joyland, художник и композитор. Его работы вошли в антологию Against Expression: An anthology of conceptual writing (2011).

Блог The Composites.
Источник информации: openspace.ru

Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Her face was sad and lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth…a conscientious expression…Slenderly, languidly…an expression of unthoughtful sadness…her cheeks flushed…she looked at me with an absolute smirk on her lovely face as if she had asserted her membership in a rather distinguished secret society…a bright ecstatic smile…Aching, grieving beauty…the autumn-leaf yellow of her hair… For Daisy was young and her artificial world was redolent of orchids and pleasant, cheerful snobbery…Girls were swooning backward playfully into men’s arms, even into groups knowing that some one would arrest their falls—but no one swooned backward on Gatsby and no French bob touched Gatsby’s shoulder. (Multiple suggestions)
Дейзи Бьюкенен («Великий Гэтсби» Френсиса Скотта Фицджеральда)
Emma Bovary, Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
She was pale all over, white as a sheet; the skin of her nose was drawn at the nostrils, her eyes looked at you vaguely. After discovering three grey hairs on her temples, she talked much of her old age…Her eyelids seemed chiseled expressly for her long amorous looks in which the pupil disappeared, while a strong inspiration expanded her delicate nostrils and raised the fleshy corner of her lips, shaded in the light by a little black down.
Эмма Бовари («Госпожа Бовари» Гюстава Флобера)
Edward Rochester, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë
Mr. Rochester, his foot supported by the cushion; he was looking at Adèle and the dog: the fire shone full on his face.  I knew my traveller with his broad and jetty eyebrows; his square forehead, made squarer by the horizontal sweep of his black hair.  I recognised his decisive nose, more remarkable for character than beauty; his full nostrils, denoting, I thought, choler; his grim mouth, chin, and jaw—yes, all three were very grim, and no mistake.  His shape, now divested of cloak, I perceived harmonised in squareness with his physiognomy…My master’s colourless, olive face, square, massive brow, broad and jetty eyebrows, deep eyes, strong features, firm, grim mouth.
Эдвард Рочестер («Джейн Эйр», Шарлотты Бронте)
Humbert Humbert, Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
Gloomy good looks…Clean-cut jaw, muscular hand, deep sonorous voice…broad shoulder…I was, and still am, despite mes malheurs, an exceptionally handsome male; slow-moving, tall, with soft dark hair and a gloomy but all the more seductive cast of demeanor. Exceptional virility often reflects in the subject’s displayable features a sullen and congested something that pertains to what he has to conceal. And this was my case…But instead I am lanky, big-boned, wooly-chested Humbert Humbert, with thick black eyebrows…A cesspoolful of rotting monsters behind his slow boyish smile…aging ape eyes…Humbert’s face might twitch with neuralgia.
Гумберт Гумберт («Лолита» Владимира Набокова)
Tess, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy
She was a fine and handsome girl—not handsomer than some others, possibly—but her mobile peony mouth and large innocent eyes added eloquence to colour and shape… The pouted-up deep red mouth to which this syllable was native had hardly as yet settled into its definite shape, and her lower lip had a way of thrusting the middle of her top one upward, when they closed together after a word…Phases of her childhood lurked in her aspect still. As she walked along to-day, for all her bouncing handsome womanliness, you could sometimes see her twelfth year in her cheeks, or her ninth sparkling from her eyes…a thick cable of twisted dark hair hanging straight down her back to her waist. (Multiple suggestions)
Тэсс («Тэсс из рода д’Эрбервиллей» Томаса Харди)
Aomame, 1Q84, Haruki Murakami
5’6…Not once ounce of excess fat…The left ear much bigger than the right, and malformed, but her hair always covers her ears…Lips formed a tight straight line…Small narrow nose, somewhat protruding cheekbones, broad forehead, and long, straight eyebrows…[Face is a] Pleasing oval shape…Extreme paucity of expression. (Suggested by goya-galileo-vangogh )
Аомамэ («1Q84» Харуки Мураками)

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Что-то, подбородки уж очень выдающиеся... Растянуло изображение, что ли?
Кстати, да. Тоже обратила внимание. У 5 из 6-сти - вытянутые, у 4-х - практически однотипные.
А Гумберт у Набокова - красавчик. Фоторобот не справился.

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